Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autumn Splash Event

Last Saturday, the Autumn Splash Event was held. And an event it was. The Chester Gators, J's team, hosted all of the other Ys in the area. It made for a very long day as there are about 10 teams in the league.

J's family arrived at the Y before 11:30 am and didn't make it home until 7 pm. The meet itself started at 1 pm. J was scheduled to swim in a mixed medley relay (he did backstroke), backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and a freestyle relay. He seemed to hold up well through out the day and throughout his five events.

After the first relay, where J did backstroke for the team, his coaches called him over after he put his leg back on. They told him that his stroke was beautiful, he just needs to work on the turn at the wall. We laughed a bit when he told us what they said because he had talked all morning about how it was "too risky" to do the turn for backstroke so he wasn't going to attempt it yet in competition. More than likely, they will be working on backstroke turns this week at practice.

The other races went well, too. J dropped time in most of his events. He was put into faster heats this last weekend so he is swimming against older boys in his age group, but that makes him look slower. Fortunately, J is good at focusing on his own times. Although it's fun to win, too.

On to the next meet!

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