Friday, August 27, 2010

Ashamed it's been over a year!

It has been over a year since we have sat down to update this blog. So long that I had to even uncover the correct e-mail and password!

J is still swimming. He finished the summer season having entered a new scoring tier, dropping significant amounts of time and eventually earning a 2nd place Silver Medal for backstroke at Championships. I do say "earned" because we sat at the pool each day for practices and he worked hard to accomplish this. When he started swimming, Joseph could barely make it down the lane with backstroke. Imagine his excitement when he finally received a medal in his division for this event! Plus, Joseph competes against children that would be considered "able-bodied". He has yet to compete against a fellow amputee.

Due to his love of swimming and how he really is happiest in a pool surrounded by chlorinated water, he begged for his room to be decorated in a swimming theme complete with dolphin accessories. Have we done this? Well....Grandma purchased him some bedding that looked like water....we have a picture up of Michael Phelps that was signed for J...and then it stopped. We hope to finish this soon. Part of the sabbatical was that suddenly J wasn't sure if he wanted lose all of his Spiderman decorations.

Also due to his love of the water, he asked to forgo a multi-disciplinary class at a local home-school center ( covering geography, public speaking, cultural studies, current events and, last but not least, being around fellow home-schooled friends for another swim team. This fall, J has signed up for the team at the nearest YMCA. They have a team for the fall and winter and swimmers have the option of doing both or one or the other. We opted for only the fall, just to be sure we are on the right path before committing too much of our time and money.

These team fees are costly for us, especially when combined with yearly prosthetic costs. Thanks to Grandma, he has paid his fees in full. We still need to purchase the team suit when it becomes available. But, we strive to make it a reality. J actually asked if he could help pay for some of his fees starting in January. Due to this, we have been searching for fundraisers that he could execute to help build some of the fees. I'm nervous about this, but am willing to help him. He has already stepped up his chores in the hopes of earning additional money. I'm open for suggestions to accomplish this. I am happy and I do encourage him to take on some of the responsibility.