Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Final results are in from last week's meet. J did fine, a couple of rough patches, though. He picked up a blue ribbon in his division for Breaststroke and two 2nd place ribbons, one for relay and one for freestyle. He was entered into an IM again, but was disqualified. His times stayed essentially the same.

J had some friends visiting to cheer him on and thinks perhaps he let the pressure get to him. He knew, however, exactly when he made the mistake in the IM and looked directly at his mother when it happened. J hesitated and then finished his race. His dad was probably more disappointed than J but both parents were pleased, at least, that he could pick out his mistake and that he still finished his race.

The visiting team had a professional photographer with them and he chose to take a few pics of Jas wel l.

J has already embarked on a new week of practice but the team gets a break this week as there is not a scheduled meet. His practice so far, though, has been difficult, to say the least. The coaches are pushing the kids hard, not to win but progress and achieve personal goals. This morning, they had no rest time at the wall, and did backstroke and freestyle constantly for an hour. J came out of the water happy, but out of breath and tired.

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