Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meet #2

Thursday evening, we watched the team swim again as we went against another neighborhood team in the local league. It was a nice evening and the team did well, although J's team did not win. J, however, did quite well, even dropping more than 20 seconds from his previous time for the Butterfly Stroke. He also competed in a Freestyle relay, freestyle and breaststroke. Official times have not come in yet but it appears that J dropped time in all individual events.

We are all still hoping that the weather holds during the morning practices so the kids are not rained on (well, the parents, actually) as they swim their laps and perfect their strokes. J has been annoyed by the drills they have been instructed to execute but is beginning to see how the drills in practice do help in the meets when times and legal strokes count and progress is being made.

On a side note, there seems to be a lot of young boys J's age this year on the time. It has been fun for J to have a group of friends and, in some ways, interesting for his parents to watch him giggle as the girls walk past as they sit at a distance.

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