Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet #1

We have survived the first meet of the summer season. The team that young J is a part of won, 651 to 569. It has been awhile since the team has beaten this particular opponent. It wasn't just a team success, though. The week before the meet, J was timed in all of his events. At the meet, J competed in 1 relay and in 3 individual events. In his relay, he said they came in 2nd, although the calling of events was so quiet in the beginning, even his parents missed the race.

His individual events, J not only made sure his parents were watching by sending the coach over to get them at the end of the pool, but he dropped about 8 seconds from Freestyle, about 10 seconds from Breaststroke and about 15 seconds from Backstroke. All resulting in very good times for J, especially the first week out. Looking at the official print out at practice this morning, J has also moved from lowest scoring division, the White level, to the middle tier, the Red Level and seemed to be first and second within the Red level. His goal this summer is to move into the top tier, the Blue Level. Scoring divisions are based on each swimmers performance and ribbons are awarded within each division.

Many of the practices this season has been in the rain. J asked his mother when they were going to have a "dry" practice. Although they have yet to look at a weather forecast for the rest of the week, this concept seems to be a bit of an oxymoron. We would all like to get through a week without rain and have a bit of warmer weather return with the sunshine.

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