Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 2 of practice "My muscles are Sore"

We are just now finishing the 2nd week of practice. It seems to be more like training, though. J has been watched from afar doing feats in the pool that his parents dream about but would be hard pressed to try themselves.

Earlier this week, the goal was to work on the Butterfly Stroke. The kick for Butterfly is often called a "dolphin" kick. This week however, they started out with their arms in a streamline (Hands/arms straight above the head, not moving), turned on their backs and used ONLY their dolphin kick to move them up and down the pool. The effect was like doing crunches in the water but only using the legs. The length of the pool is 25 m. J was instructed to do this the equivalent of 500 m. Yes, his stomach muscles are little sore.

The other days of practice were just as difficult but not as noteworthy. The biggest struggle for the team seems to be listening to the coaches and doing what they say; lots of chatter at the wall when instructions are being given. J is annoyed by this some, he says.

Time trials are next week. And soon the first of the weekly competitions.

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