Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Practice Woes

Unfortunately for J, the water has been too cold for the team to actually practice in the pool the first two days of practice so the team has been doing calisthenics.

J has had his lifetime fill of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, walking lunges and running laps. Land exercises have also proven to be a little difficult for him. The lunges work well on his regular leg but when the weight gets transferred to the prosthetic, it buckles at the knee, as it was designed to do. For lunges, the buckling doesn't help, causing J to fall to both knees and then having to regain his balance all over again. The coaches are aware of this, but let him try each move a few times before assisting J in an adaptation.

They seem to have adapted the running speed to accommodate J's lagging behind as well. The game they play is that if you are at the end, then you have to run up to the front. J is forever trying to run to the front so the coaches not only slow down for him but also run backwards giving him plenty of time.

Despite this type of practice being J's least favorite activity in his current stage of life, he still is coming away with a smile...and begging the coach for the water and SOON.

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